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These are just a small, meager number of links. Whence we find the time, we will post a more comprehensive list of links. Enjoy these, though, as ye may!



O.T.O. Grand Lodge is the best place to get info on the Order.

The A:. A:., This is the introductory site for those wishing to join Crowley's other and primary Magickal Order

The Portland Thelemic Community Calendar, This cover events through both Queen of Heaven Lodge and Sekhet-Maat Lodge

Coph Nia Lodge, in Eugene, Oregon

The Ape of Thoth program has all of the thelemic Class A documents, with search and concordance options.

The Clickable Tree of Life. Not quite 777, but a quick and simple correspondence chart of the Tree.

Local Pagan/ Magickal Organizations

The Jefferson Index, is an on-line collective of local pagans. It requires logging in to but there is no charge to do so.

S.O.M.A., the Southern Oregon Magick Association, is a club at Southern Oregon University open to anyone with an interest in Magick.

Misc. sites

Buy some Books by Crowley or other authors on Magick here and a share of the cost will go to RPSTOVAL Camp.

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Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory in Ashland OR. has all sorts of useful information about Wilhelm Reich and Orgone.

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